Infographic: KZN a year-round wildlife attraction

2016-05-31 16:30 - Carina Greeff
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Cape Town - We love KwaZulu-Natal for being a diverse and vibrant province. But not only is this culture-rich province loaded with different sights, attractions and activities - the animal life is also a year-round highlight.

Fairmont Zimbali Resort, a proud part of KZN's tourism offering, has produced this ‘Seasonal Safari’ - illustrating the abundance of animal and plantlife in a beautiful infographic. 

What to look out for during Winter

While a visit in spring will reward you with sightings of spotted hyena, impala and blue wildebees, the summer months will put the avid birdwatchers in for a real treat. Autumn welcomes the safari season and viewings of the Big 5 and this winter sees the return of firm-favourite marine mammals -  the southern right and humpback whales.

KZN is proof that wildlife along the coast does not die down as temperatures drop and you can once again look forward to two marine phenomenons over the next few months.

Sardine run

From May to July, the sardine run can be witnessed along the KZN coast. Millions of sardines migrate from the southern tip of Africa and eventually split up around the coast north of Durban. These massive shoals of sardines are around 15km in length and 6km wide and make for a shark, gannet and dolphin feast!

Divers and non-divers alike can experience 'the greatest shoal on earth' up close. Click here for more information.

Whale migration

July to September is peak-time for whale watching in this region. KZN is becoming increasingly popular as a whale watching destination when southern right whales migrate from Antarctica to Mozambique to breed. Look out for whales blowing, breaching and lobtailing in the warmer KZN waters.

Southern right whales of up to 15 metres in length, weighing 60 tons, and Humpback whales also 15 metres in length, weighing up to 35 tons can be viewed from the coast or by boat. These creatures love performing breaches, so keep an eye on the black and white giants leaping out of the water.

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