Find your lifetime travel partner at the dog hotel + 5 travel things dogs love too!

2016-02-20 18:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - If you are looking for a travel companion to run, roam and embrace the beauty of the world with you - a four or three or two-legged bestie may be the best gift in life, ever. 

atFrits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre has started an Adopt-A-Thon to find sheltered dogs a forever home with the adventurers of SA. 

Travellers have the opportunity to meet with their future fury-friends every Saturday at the dog hotel in Cape Town, where atFrits will partner with local animal shelters to help re-home rescue dogs. 

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It is a harsh reality that there are so many dogs on the street that have been neglected and abandoned and although we are eternally grateful to shelters for the hard work they do, a loving family is what these dogs ultimately deserve.

The rescue dogs will arrive at atFrits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre at 10:00 on a Saturday and be pampered to a spa treatment so that they can settle in looking and feeling great!

They will be able to play and hang with the doggie “staff-on-duty” and receive a nutritious meal, served from the a-la-cart menu. All the sheltered dogs will stay in the Deluxe and Platinum Suites - all in all, a foretaste of finding their happiest escapes yet!

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You are invited to go and share your time, love and affection with these beloved dogs and give them a second chance to experience a new world with you. All potential homes will be screened and you will receive an amazing goodie bag for you and your new fur-baby.

All rescue dogs will go through a screening process and all vaccinations of all the dogs will be up to date. Should you wish to get involved with atFrits Adoption Saturdays, please send an email HERE

What you need to know: 
Date: Every Saturday 
Time: 10:00 am – next day
Venue: 121 Castle Street, Cape Town (atFrits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre)

For more information about atFrits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre - Follow Frits on Facebook

Remember that the wild outdoors of our country make a perfect dog escape too. Whether you are trekking up Table Mountain, running on the Promenade or road tripping it along the coast to Mozambique the ultimate roadside companion to have by your side is a happy dog. 

Here are five awesome things that dogs love about travelling just as much as you do:


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