A foodie escape to the Breede Valley and beyond

2016-09-11 08:00 - Carina Greeff
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The manner in which a few blocks of fudge repeatedly became the topic of discussion during a brief Breede Valley breakaway can only be fully understood once you too have tasted the marvelous mix of fudge with ginger, coffee, peppermint, marshmallow or taffy. I should add, it’s not only the fudge that kept us raving, it’s the fudge paired with Nuy Winery's fine selection of wines, be it red, white, sparking or dessert wines, this trendy young spot got it smack on.

The team at Nuy on the Hill, and all surrounding attractions for that matter, know that experience is the new currency when it comes to travel and that food can make or break that experience. Loved and enjoyed by locals from Robertson and Worcester for their toothsome pizzas and hard-to-beat view, Nuy on the Hill is like a Breede Valley lighthouse, inviting travellers from near and far to get in on the tastes and sights.

Mostly associated with wine (being the world's longest wine route and all), some miss the opportunity to sample other culinary treats in the area along Route 62. A few charming and yummy foodie destinations deserve a spot on your Breede Valley itinerary.

Breakfast: Die veldskoen

A remarkable collection of Hex River souvenirs and products welcome you to this buzzing farm stall. Go in winter, or in my case early spring, and you will be surrounded with snow-topped peaks in the distance. A walk through the shop, selling a vast collection of treasures from handmade crafts to hand lotions, old-school Bashew's crates to dried fruits, scatter cushions to Muscadel, you are bound to find a keepsake in this farm shop. Don’t stop there. Make your way outside to a charming garden area where the freshest farm breakfast will be served. Steaming freshly baked breads, flavoursome 'boerewors', fresh juice… all the bells and whistles of a classic farm breakfast!

The homey De Doorns farm stall - Die Veldskoen

A breakfast stop at Die Veldskoen is filled with welcoming characters and tales - a must for the real introduction to the Hex River Valley. Any local will passionately tell you the tale of the Hex River that is visited by a witch when the moon is full. The tale goes, a beautiful girl from the valley did not want to marry just anyone and challenged her suitors to bring her a disa, only found high in the surrounding mountains. All who attempted to bring back the disa fell to their death. When the girl lost her true love, who went in search of the disa, she too tragically fell when she went looking for him. Today she is said to haunt the town in search of her love and she can be seen in misty conditions over full moon. This legend is where the valley's name hails from.

Beer tasting: Mountain Brewing Company at Klipbokkop

It was a rocky road to the reception area at Klipbokkop Nature Reserve. Arriving at the top, we were immediately given the warm Breede Valley welcome that I so love. The lovely ladies from Breede Valley tourism are such ambassadors to the friendly and passionate people of the region. We joined them for Klipbokkop’s legendary smoked burgers. But first... beer tasting with a view over the boundless Brandvlei dam.

The rattling of beer bottles down the hill is proof that all of us found a liking in the golden goodness of Mountain Brewing Company's craft beers. The tiny brewery is situated on the reserve and a tour will give you a better understanding of the significant flavour differences in the beers. 

Mountain Brewing Company is open for two weekends a month – usually the first and the last, but best is to confirm with them before you make the journey there. Don't brave the journey home without a souvenir. A few bottles of Copper Dawn Lager, Loadshed Lager and Black or White Hy Smaak Oraait, beautifully packaged in wooden crates is a must.

Wooden beer crates are made by the Institute for the blind in Worcester.

Lunch: Overhex Bistro

A relaxed stop between Worcester and Nuy, Balance provides, well, exactly that – Balance. They get it just right. Quirky and colourful décor to get you in the summer mood, a large open playing field and a jumping castle for the kids, an impressive selection of lunches , (but please do take the pulled pork pizza) and did I mention waffles? Even if you don’t come hungry and rather fancy a wine tasting, well, you can do that too. 

Nuy on the Hill 

A dessert to finish off your culinary expedition on the right note is a fudge and wine pairing at Nuy on the Hill’s balcony surrounded by rolling vineyards.

The team at Nuy on the Hill recently sourced the award winning fudge from the Good Food and Wine Show and pairs it perfectly with Koffiepit Pinotage, Potstil brandy, Muskat sparkling wine and Chant de Nuit.

Dinner and Zzzz's: Mo & Rose

For your last chance to enjoy Mo & Rose's winter menu, head there in September. Come 18 October, the summer menu will be introduced. Pair your dinner with Zandvliet's wine and settle down after a long day's indulging.

Find Mo & Rose between Robertson and Ashton and spend the night in tastefully decorated suites, surrounded by succulents. Mo & Rose defines a luxury farm experience where you'll wake up to the magnificent view of vineyard covered mountains. Fresh air and warm hospitality leave a lasting impression.

A spring experience in Robertson Wine Valley

Beyond the Breede Valley: Route 62 food spots worth stopping for:

1. Diesel & Cream

For Route 62's most iconic shakes, visit Diesel and Cream. Any thoughts about getting summer-ready can wait a little longer. These shakes are irresistible.

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2. Platform 62

Buy all the wines from Route 62 and surrounding areas at cellar price, after filling up at the quaint coffee shop.

3. Karoo Art Hotel

Not only known for the artwork and décor, Karoo Art Hotel is a Route 62 gourmet food destination serving your favourite iconic South African dishes. 

4. Tredici (a bakers dozen)

Platters, burgers, pizzas, gourmet sandwitches and fresh bakes! Tredici is worth a pit stop if you're heading to the R62 from Swellendam's side.

5. Saggy Stone Microbrewery

Located in the heart of the Nuy Valley, make a stop at Saggy Stone. The fresh Langeberg Mountain spring water is the key ingredient to these brewing brothers' creations.

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