QUIZ: Can you find these 9 local & lekker SA dishes?

2019-01-27 06:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Grilled beef barbecue Veal rib Steak on bone and r

Do you know where your best bet is to find these local & lekker Saffa dishes? (Photo: iStock)

South Africa is a melting pot of culture, traditions, histories and, naturally, some really tasty food.

From meaty dishes to vegetarian chakalaka that bursts with flavour to worms...

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It's safe to say that SA has an eclectic palate and appetite.

But, like with most things, these tasty treats tend to be enjoyed a lot more in specific locations.

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Can you guess where these nine iconic local and lekker dishes are commonly found around Mzansi?

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