PICS: Real fantasy sandcastle hotels

2015-10-05 20:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Dutch sand sculptors have evolved childhood fantasy and beach sand to a new level. Travellers looking for a fairy-tale experience can now spend the night in hotels made entirely out of sand. 

Dutch craftsman and designers create the castle-like-accommodation, complete with drawbridges and towers, fit for any Prince, Princess or thrill-seeker. The sand hotels are reinforced with wooden beams, assuring guests of their safety and no unexpected sand downpours. This year two sand castle hotels were designed and built in the cities of Oss and Sneek, in the Netherlands.

The hotels have intertwined ancient Egyptian themes and Asian fantasies into exhibitions, that intrigue from both the inside and outside. The Dutch fantasy-escape is a real work of art, and its sculptures took a long time to be carved.

Hotel manager, Maud van Leeuwen told AFP the concept draws from the Scandinavian ice hotels, which pop up during winter time. These ice hotel rooms and beds are said to reach temperatures below zero, but this does not stop travellers and guest from trying out something new.

Leeuwen then decided to make use of the great sand and ice artists that she works with and went ahead with the plan for the unique sand accommodation. 

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For those thinking of spending the night at the sand hotel, you can enjoy a comfortable bed and bathroom for €150 (about R2297,09  at R15,31/€). Like the Nordic ice hotels – these dreamy sandcastles will be broken down at the end of summer.

Oss offers guests the opportunity to witness a range of other other worldly exhibitions and creations around the hotel. Life sized dinosaurs; knights and conquerors, Egyptian royalty and robots.

The design theme of the hotel in Sneek is “a trip through Asia”. There are beautifully sculpted statues of the terracotta army horses and soldiers, dragons and birds. 

There is no need to worry about sand getting into your bed, or waking up with the ceiling in your bed. The floors are lined with soft carpeted floors and the walls and pillars are treated with lime - to help prevent crumbling and cracking. 

Those who missed out on the seasonal sand hotels this year can be assured that the hotels will be rebuilt and created new year, said Leeuwen. 

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