You can buy your very own island in the Falklands complete with a penguin colony

2018-12-18 15:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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If you've ever dreamt of owning your own island, this one in the Falklands is up for sale - and it has penguins.

Reported by the BBC, an island in the Falkland Islands has gone up for sale that has been in one family for 150 years. Pebble Island has mostly been used for farming - about 6000 sheep and 125 cattle frolic on it grass plains - with a few tourist lodges here and there.

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And it's no small island. It's the third largest offshore island in the Falklands, about 32km long and about 6km wide, and besides the farm animals also has a penguin colony made up of five different species, a small mountain range, lakes and a coastline with the longest beach in the area. It's also an International Bird and Biodiversity Area, so would be perfect for avid birdwatchers.

It even has a couple of war relics and an old military base, with an interesting history of warfare because of its strategic position off the coast of Argentina.

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But how did a Welsh family come to own it? It was bought in 1869 for just £400 (about R7 250 at R18,12/£) and hasn't left the Dean family's ownership since, although a family member hasn't lived on the island since the 50s. They are selling because it's become too much to manage for the current owners, who live in the UK.

But what does it cost? That's where it gets interesting. Because it's been in the family for so long, estate agents have no idea how to value it. The son of the couple selling says that potential buyers can name their price, but they would prefer that it goes to someone interested in farming, with perhaps some tourist aspirations.

It might not be the idyllic palm tree-paradise you had imagined, but who can say they own an island with penguins on them?

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