The world doesn't seem to know where Sri Lanka is - and other Google travel searches of 2019

2019-12-24 04:45 - Marisa Crous
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Sri Lanka, Tangalle

This year, Google found that above all other searches, South Africans predominantly looked up 'load shedding' and 'Why were cornflakes invented?

And the world at large kept planning trips to exotic destinations, googling that next potential heavily holiday spot of their dreams. But where did they plan to go? And did they know where in the world this destination is, in fact, situated?

According to Google, the most searched for 'Where is...?' googled question was: 'Where is Sri Lanka?'

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It's here...

Other popular 'Where is...?' searches included: 'Where is area 51?' and 'Where is the hurricane no?'

Now, Sri Lanka has had a good and bad year. In April it experienced terrorist attacks on three churches, now known as the Sri Lanka Easter bombings. While, Sri Lanka also had higher visibility than even, with more and more friends and influencers heading to this jungle paradise, more so than ever before. 

It's undoubtedly an up-and-coming destination of choice, and for South Africans it's a budget-friendly, e-visa option that offers you similar standards of accommodation, nature and food experiences comparable to Thailand. 


Google also noted that the most searched for destination in 2019 was, in fact, not Japan, but the Maldives! Japan really had a moment in 2019, but the Maldives still seem to be hot on all travellers' bucket-list. 

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Everyone's prime honeymoon destination, it is the very epitome of an island getaway. White sandy beaches, over-water villas, spas and the feeling of complete isolation - no that is a holiday!

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