One of the world's most disconnected places is also the best to photograph

2018-12-14 13:50
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Switch off your mobile data and enter a wi-fi free zone - but keep your phone switched on for those once-in-a-lifetime photo-opts. 

Being connected when travelling can work both ways, on the positive side it's great for travel planning: finding your hotel's location, a particular street on Google Maps or the best place to eat in your hood via FourSquare.

But it can also keep you busy. Too busy and preoccupied to fully enjoy and take advantage of the beautiful place you find yourself in. 

In a recent study, Carphone Warehouse ranked the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador as ‘The Most Instagrammable Location’– it is also one of the most disconnected places on earth as only 43% of the population has internet access.

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Honduras, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Guatemala also ranked high on its list of off-the-grid destinations. Only 15.4% of Ethiopia is connected, for example. 

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But if you want to go capture one of the world’s most pristine and least-visited island groups in the world, Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands is for you.  

I mean, just look at this...

Then there is the cluster that is the Kiribati Islands. Located in Micronesia, straddling the equator, you can get lost in anonymity when you visit these islands which boasts a small population of 117 892. 

The study also notes that it's very disconnected. Mobile phone reception is mainly limited to the capital Tarawa, and telecommunications in Kiribati are among the most expensive in the Pacific. 

Then we've all heard of (or dreamt about going to) the Blue Hole in Belize....

Other remote and disconnected spots that were listed include: Suriname, which boasts the Wonotobo Waterfall, the Rock Islands of Palau, Tuvalu in the South Pacific and Madagascar.

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