14 Life-changing gadgets you have to take to the beach

2017-10-28 16:43
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Cape Town - The sensation of sun on skin, as the heat soaks deep into your bones, is wonderful and if you haven't felt it in a while - the best thing to do is hit the beach.

Whether you're jetting off to an exotic island or simply kicking it across one of South Africa's amazing beaches - these are the gadgets we'd love to have in our beach bag this summer. 

Take a look at this list of life-changing gadgets to take to the beach. We need them in our lives like yesterday already. 

1. Beach Towel - without the sand

This little invention is just incredible. We've all been there, where your towel acts like a magnet for all the sand on the beach. Not with this nifty towel come beach blanket - using technology originally designed by the US military for its helicopter landing pads, the sand just falls through to leave a clean, grit-free surface. 

2. Underwater camera or GoPro

This makes capturing your beach memories both wet and wild. Who wouldn't want to take one with them!? 

3. Waterproof speaker

Find one that's sporty, durable but especially waterproof when you head to the beach.  Yes you can take the party anywhere.


4. Baby powder

If you don't have the sand-free blanket this old-school talc works like a charm to remove sand. Though you may just want to apply it when you leave and are about to head to the car - the ashen look isn’t cool. Work the tan and apply just before you head home for the shower.  

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5. This super-simplistic beach tent

We want this like yesterday already. 

6. A funky pod pillow

This is chill done just right and all your goodies all organised too. Yass!  


7. Fun games!

Think along the lines of this Velcro catch game and for those solo days on the beach when you just don't want to be bothered with anybody - not even your phone these waterproof cards are spot on for a game of solitaire. 


8. Umbrella hooks

No more looking for the keys or your sunglases or simply keep your towels sand-free for when you come dashing out of the water.


9. Floatable waterproof phone or iPad case

Because anything can happen and there's no need to exhaust your travel insurance now is there - from misjudging the water's edge and having high tide creep up on you, to a simple slip of that ice-cold beverage while basking in the sun.  Bag it already. 

(Take A Lot)

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10. Folding Utility Beach Wagon

If you've ever hit the beach with the kids and the extended family you'll have wished for something like this at some point. Ah, just strolling along then, all organised. 


11. A remote controlled drinks butler

We'd much prefer a real butler. Anybody can wish can't they? Seriously - this certainly would make for a rather pleasant day at the beach, wouldn't you say?


12. Cabana pool boy back buddy

When you want to be alone but need somebody to have your back. Just do you, babe!

13. Power bank with solar charger

You have all the sun you could ask for - why not make the most of it? This nifty little gadget means you're productively charging your battery while you do a little recharging of your own. 


14.  Sumo surfing

This looks weird, probably is weird to do - but also more than likely a whole lot of fun. Where do we sign up already?