Island eating delights

2015-03-05 14:20
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Some islands boast magnificent beaches, others promote adventure - but for many it's all about the.

Some have their own eco-systems and others provide scuba divers with the most magnificent waters. But some islands have inspired their very own cuisine. Of course, you might think it is largely seafood, but be surprised, as we were, with the amount of flavour available from islands across the world. Some are known for eating, others for drinking.

And we’ve put together a collection of just which islands have motivated precisely what could land on your plate or in your glass. 

Eat treats

Dim sum – Hong Kong

No one could possibly visit Hong Kong without experiencing the Cantonese speciality: dim sum. These small portions of food can be as varied as pork buns, and dumplings containing all manners of shrimp, meat and vegetables. For the more exotic there are jellyfish, “phoenix claws” (which are actually chicken feet), congee, and different types of cake with a spread of base ingredients including turnips and water chestnut. Often accompanied with soups and tea, Hong Kongers tend not to go hungry with Sunday spreads of these delicious morsels.


Pork – The Bahamas

While most Caribbean islands specialise in seafood, the Bahamas adds to its spread with excellent pork dishes. Due to its large tourism industry, almost any kind of food is available across the nation’s islands, but local pork recipes stand out because they offer something local and different from its regional neighbours. Typically, Bahaman dishes include coconut infusions and spices aplenty, so look out for a pork curry, although meat is often fried or steamed too.

Lobster – Madagascar

While Madagascar has a wide range of food – largely due to the pure expanse of the massive island –Fort Dauphin (also known as Taolagnaro) is known as the country’s “lobster capital” and contains a realm of excellent seafood restaurants. While many of our fellow travellers enjoy looking at marine life through snorkelling and scuba gear, some of us enjoy eating it. A culinary adventurer will certainly look at the great island off the coast of Africa when choosing a destination. 


A spread of inspiration – Hawaii

Due to influences from all the people who live, and have lived, in Hawaii – from Americans to the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese and more – the size of the selection of food available in America’s newest state is incomparable. Local fruit and nuts create flavours you won’t find widespread around the globe, and a full range of meat – rare for an island nation – is ably assisted by the state’s legion of professional chefs. Weirdly enough, Spam (a brand of canned ham) is immensely popular across the islands, a legacy leftover from when the islanders were forbidden from fishing during World War II. Teriyaki is ubiquitous.

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