7 Reunion Island events to plan your tropical escape around

2015-11-20 21:30
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Cape Town - Reunion island is probably one of the easiest Indian Ocean islands for South Africans to visit. If no visa and a short four-hour flight isn't enough - these events might be the spice you're looking for.

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1. Megavalanche (Saint-Paul/Maïdo - 28 November

The Megavalanche Reunion is mountain biking at its most extreme – down a volcano in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Amidst clouds of lava dust, riders rapidly descend 35km through crater-heavy terrain, dense, muddy rainforest, sharp chicanes and dry sugarcane plantations. Some argue it’s even tougher than its related French Alps flagship event.


2. Liberte Metisse

This event celebrates the Abolition of the Slavery in Reunion Island. It forms part of December's festivities and incorporates the of the mixed culture found on the island through storytelling, food, music and dance. 

3. Golfing Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts

This event takes place across the island’s 3 golf courses, and includes several competitions. Every year brings a host of golfing champions and amateur players alike, for a professional and friendly event.


4. Makassar festival

Le Makassar, the gourmet restaurant at the Palm Hotel & Spa is organizing this festival, whose aim is to highlight the art of table decoration and dining, with a focus on food and wine. For the occasion, the great names of French cuisine and renowned winemakers representing different French wine regions will come together.


5. Tamil New Year

On the day of Tamil New Year, Reunion’s Hindu community congregates at the temple, where a priest gives a reading of the annual forecasts for Pandjagom (Tamil calendar). They then celebrate the New Year around a vegan meal, alternating sweet and bitter foods to symbolize joys and sorrows. The various public festivities organized for this occasion are open to the general public.


6. Les Electropicales

An electronic music and visual arts festival. Eclectic, urban and festive, this event, with an emphasis on sustainable development, reinvents itself every year. 

7. Adventure Film Festival
From extreme adventures to more low-key activities, there is something for everyone. Various films are up for competition, in the presence of the adventurous protagonists themselves. Association “Au Bout du Rêve”, organizer of the Adventure. 

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