Where in the world you can see a midnight sun

2019-06-05 16:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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In some places in the world, you can go months without a single sunset. 

While it might fight against your sense to see the sun shining bright when the clock is screaming midnight at you, it can be quite an ethereal experience. Some say the sunlight is completely different to the daylight hours, and provides the opportunity to experience a destination for longer.

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Most of the best spots to experience the midnight sun is in the Northern Hemisphere, in and near the Arctic circle, and the summer solstice in June normally coincide with a few festivals celebrating the everlasting light. 

While locals tend to get used to it - needing less sleep - visitors should always pack sleeping masks and opt for accommodation with blackout curtains to prevent insanity. For most places the best time is from mid-June to early July, while those closer to the North Pole can experience non-stop daylight from April to August. 

Hop on a flight to some of these far-flung destinations for a bucket-list experience.

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Lapland, Finland

The northern Lapland region of Finland is world-famous for its midnight sun, where its placid lakes finally warm up for a swim and communities in the region live the whole day outside.

Nordkapp, Norway

This is the northernmost point in Europe, with 76 days of midnight sun. While the beautiful landscape makes it worthwhile, it does tend to draw the crowds. 

Grimsey Island, Iceland

While the capital Reykjavik have big parties to celebrate the summer solstice, it doesn't truly experience the midnight sun like Grimsey - a small isolated island in the Arctic Circle with just over 60 inhabitants that can be reached by ferry.

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Yukon, Canada

This wild region filled with protected areas, mountains and glaciers also offers great sunlight strolls through Dawson City or the icefields of Kluane National Park.


A Danish territory, the Arctic phenomenon is best seen on nightly cruises through the freezing oceans watching the midnight sun set behind icebergs. 

Abisko National Park, Sweden

Enjoy a brilliantly lit night hike through Abisko - flowing alpine meadows, sparkling lakes and cold waterfalls. 

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Around the end of June, the citizens of the state's northernmost city celebrate the return of light with a Midnight Sun Festival and a midnight baseball game. 

Tiksi, Russia

If you're looking for something a little more apocalyptic, this small arctic town 4 000km from Moscow on the coast of the Laptev Sea creates an eerie experience with its abandoned buildings. 

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