What hard Brexit means for British breakfasts

2017-07-13 08:30
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The UK is renowned for its blissfully unhealthy breakfasts and while in reality the country isn't actually awash with the smell of fried bacon and sizzling sausages every morning, the fry-up is an important part of its culture.

New analysis by KPMG may then come as a worrying wake-up call as the country prepares to exit the EU - should the UK end up leaving under 'hard Brexit' conditions, the cost of a fried breakfast will see significant cost increases. 

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If negotiations on trade with the EU fail, the UK will, at least initially, have to fall back on WTO (World Trade Organization) rules, leading to much higher tariffs on some products. Orange juice, for example, would be subject to an estimated price increase of 34 percent. The essential ingredient of bacon would pile on 9 percent and even the oil used to fry everything would go up by 30 percent. Many Brits though, myself included, would question the use of olive oil. Far more common would surely be vegetable oil or a good old-fashioned slab of lard. 

While a number of these products could also be sourced locally, the research nevertheless provides a more comprehensible illustration of one of the potential consequences of leaving the union.

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