WATCH: Why Cuba's streets are flooded with colourful vintage cars

2019-08-05 15:00
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Vintage classic pink american oldtimer convertible in old town of Havana Cuba

When you think of Cuba, you think of cigars. Millions of them were exported between 1992 - 1993, but in the 1950's so many classical cars were imported to Cuba that Havana was dubbed the 'Cadillac Capital'.

There is a long history behind the importation and preservation of the cars and riding in one of these will make you very nostalgic.

For the Cubans, however, there's more to this than just a cute Instagram picture - it's a way of life - so always respect their hard work.

Expect to enjoy the experience for between R370 and R600 an hour - but you can also experience the Cadillac life closer to home in Montagu.

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