WATCH: What it's like living in a glass house in Zurich

2018-11-16 10:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Like a giant crystal, this house stretches toward the sky in a glistening display plastered in 58 large glass windows. 

The home, built by Swiss architect Boris Egli, is his family home and sits snugly on the slopes of a former vineyard on the outskirts of Zurich.

The Trübel House ('Trübel' meaning 'grape' in Swiss German) design was inspired by the surrounding landscape and thus earned its fruitful name. 

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Egli also explained that the way in which the windows are attached to supporting structure was also inspired to the way that grapes cling and connect to their stems. The platforms in the house also branch out of a central wall much like the trunk of a vine. 

There was no space for one, continuous stairwell to funnel movement through the house and the rooms aren't necessarily arranged into typical floors. Instead you'll find individual staircases joining floors and platforms inside the house.

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The toughest part, Egli elaborated, was restricting his vision for his home within the confines of property lines. Offered only 291 square metres, Egli had to be creative and innovative with his floor plan design.

This was further restricted to a workable area of five by nine metres - following the subtraction of border limit clearance. However, in spite of the limitations, Egli manage to egg out a living space of roughly 130 square metres.

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The decor is simple of concrete greys and large panel windows with dots of colour and liveliness freckling the interior in the form of furniture choices and personal belongings. 

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