WATCH: This is what it's like to live in a pyramid - in Norway

2018-10-18 22:00
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Over 10 metres high this pyramid house is located in the city of Kristiansand in the south of Norway

Artist Birte Lohne, her husband and two children live in a space that is 240 square metres in size and boasts 18 rooms. Once a week they open their doors to visitors.

Lohne has lived here for about 7 years and it took her a while to get used to the unusual slanting space. She says "all the walls in this house are sloping so we haven't got much walls that are straight. So that is something of a challenge when you are having clothes and where to put them and also when having furniture you have to think about that..."

She's made a virtue of necessity, however. Rather than storing clothes in a closet, she's opted for drawers and rather than concealing problem zones such as corners she decorates them. Lohne loves combining furniture styles from different periods. She's arranged mid-century ferns alongside antiques like a two-century-old wooden cupboard. 

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The pyramid's middle story has a retro feel. Lohne has deliberately incorporated round accents to offset all the right angles. All the walls have been painted white to brighten the space and lighten the mood. Lohne has also had 20 skylights installed in the roof and to let in more light she has passed on curtains. 

In the gallery at the top of the pyramid, visitors have to sit on the floor to view the pictures. 

The unrestrained views of the outdoors have an added advantage. When it rains it is possible to see the rain falling and flowing down the sides and when it snows the house takes on the feel of a cosy igloo with all the windows and sides covered in the white stuff.

So the next time you're keen to check out a pyramid and escape the crowds in Cairo - think Norway.

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