WATCH: This cute Shanghai café will win you over with their fluffy Corgi waiters and 'butt'-iful offers

2019-01-01 10:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Shake your tail on over to this quirky corgi-themed and staffed restaurant in Shanghai, China.

Floofy doggos inhabit the Hello Corgi Café restaurant clad in t-shirts ready to comfort you and take your order.

You can also order some scrumptious menu options all shaped like the social-media-obsessed shape of the cushy corgi butt. 

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Other animal themed restaurants you can find dotted around the world include...

  • Cat Cafés - Osaka, Japan
  • Goat Café - Sakuraoka - Sakura, Japan
  • Reptile Cafés - Japan
  • Reptile Café - Café Reptilya - Philippines 

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  • Bird Café - Torino iru Café - Tokyo, Japan
  • Dog Café - Bau House Café - South Korea
  • The Dog Café LA - Los Angeles, USA
  • Zoo Café - Café Little Zoo - Tokyo, Japan
  • Bird Café - Kotori Bird Café - Tokyo, Japan

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  • Monkey Restaurant - Kayabukiya Tavern - Japan
  • Fish Pedicure Cafés - South Korea
  • Ra.a.q.f Rabbit Café - Shibuya, Japan
  • Fukuro Sabo Owl Café - Tokyo, Japan

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