WATCH: The oldest cities in the world

2019-01-29 12:00
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Throughout the ages, cities have marked the rise and fall of powerful empires, rich economies and almost god-like rulers.

Some crumbled at the first attack of an invading army, while others rebuilt themselves many times over after war, famine and natural disasters were thrown upon them by slighted gods.

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But which cities have remained steadfast since history started being recorded? The age of many ancient cities is constantly disputed, specifically when a settlement could technically be called a city. Dating of monuments and remnants of an ancient time is also up for debate, and sometimes political agendas can also call into question the legitimacy of a place's history.

These cities however are considered the oldest in terms of their continuously-occupied statuses, from war-torn Syria's Aleppo to the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv - this year's Culture Capital of Europe. Though their estimated date of establishment varies slightly across the interwebs, you'd be hard-pressed to dispute their longevity in humanity's history books.

These cities have many stories to tell - of kings and queens and revolutions - and perhaps on your next trip, you can try to tap into their ancient spirits moulded over the centuries for a little direction for the future.

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