WATCH: Much more than a Gothic motif, Hohenzollern Castle is a German cultural monument

2018-10-03 19:00
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Hohenzollern Castle is a popular motif for photographers. Not just for tourists, but for locals as well.

To many, Hohenzollern Castle is a part of their idea of home. The 19th century castle has served as a backdrop for Hollywood films and sits atop the Zollerberg like a Gothic fortress. 

Anja Hoppe of the Hohenzollern Castle, says that what is special about this castle is that it's a national cultural monument because its the ancestral castle of the house of Hohenzollern - the family of hereditary Prussian princes, German kings and emperors. It attracts visitors from around the world. 

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Inside the castle you can find out more about the Hohenzollern dynasty. Among the most famous members of the family - Prussian King Frederick the Great and the last German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The castle is still owned by the Hohenzollerns. In the entrance hall with its painted family tree you see the family members who were born more recently like George Frederick, Prince of Prussia. 

The treasury contains valuable items belonging to the family like the dented snuff box that belonged to Frederick the Great. It saved his life when a bullet meant to end him was lodged in it. Also in display, set with gem stones and pearls is a gilded crown of the last German emperor

With its very own beer garden, Hohenzollern Castle is a popular venue for engagement and wedding parties to this day.

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