WATCH: If you're shy you can test your vocal chords with group karaoke in Germany

2018-07-05 11:31
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Karaoke certainly is not for everyone. You may not feel comfortable singing out loud to an audience, but what if the audience took part in the singing action? Well, that is precisely what happens at the Sing dela Sing group Karaoke event in Berlin, Germany.

The audience is the star of the show, singing together - bad, good and average - belting out pop classic in an open-air theatre. Attendees to the event say its fun and that it makes people happy, others laughingly say that they're able to proudly sing in public where they would usually only belt out tunes in the comfort of their own homes. 

Sing dela Sing is a great way for people to let their hair down and enjoy music and singing. The mere act of singing in a group takes away some of the shyness that often ails people who would sing alone.

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The group singing drowns out the bad voices and creates a uniform voice where everyone is able to enjoy singing some of their favourite songs. 

From Austrian folk songs to Swedish House Mafia, they do it all at Sing dela Sing. It's not quite as orderly as a church choir, not as chaotic as a crowd of football fans singing - it is somewhere in between. 

Andre Klinkstein, a music therapist, says there is a tangible benefit to be derived from activities such as Sing dela Sing - music is extremely therapeutic.

So sing along with hundreds of people, laughing and drinking that German beer will guarantee a great time for your sould, but book ahead as the event is super popular.

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