WATCH: Goodbye again as Vietnam's reburials send souls on final journey

2019-02-09 10:30
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Picture this. Grandma is in her final resting place, buried meters beneath the soil, slowly decomposing with none of the earthly troubles to weigh on a consciousness. But then, a shovel or a hand. 

Grandma is suddenly being hauled up, casket unearthed, bones exposed, face to the dark of night. On the face of it this may seem some incomprehensible exhumation or grave robbery but the reality is much more 'beautiful'.

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The ceremony is one of Vietnam's most sacred death rituals. The bones of the deceased are unearthed, cleaned and wrapped in silk before reburial. The reburial is an ancient custom meant to send loved ones off into the next life in one final act of life's journey. 

Watch the above video to see more about this unique cultural practice. 

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