WATCH: Go white-water rafting through Canada's Exploits River

2018-09-14 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Go white-water rafting in Canada's Exploits River

Travel with Will McCloy from World Nomads to Newfoundland in Canada as he embarks on a white-water rafting adventure, and experiences the thrill of hitting the rapids of Exploits River.

McCloy shares some of his discoveries from the adventurous trip.

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He says that there are different grades of rapids to note:

  • Grade I: This grade is described as a 'fart in a bathtub' McCloy says. These are easy, small waves with no obstacles. 
  • Grade II: These are waves with moderate difficulty, but with clear passages. 
  • Grade III: These are difficult, high and irregular waves with narrow passages. These require precise manoeuvring.  
  • Grade IV: These are difficult, powerful waves. Very precise manoeuvring is required for this grade of rapids.
  • Grade V: These waves are extremely difficult, violent, and highly congested and should be navigated by a team of experts only.  
  • Grade VI: These waves and rapids are so dangerous they are not to be run.

One thing you should be prepared to be is wet as even the low grades are sure to have you fumbling about and getting soaked in the chilly river water.

As you get through grades II and III, McCloy says you should focus on trying not to panic in those situations and just go with the flow - literally. 

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The top three safety tips  for white-water rafting you should heed include:

  • Don't panic, stay calm. 
  • Keep your feet on the surface of the river - it's better to take an impact on your bottom cheek rather than your facial one. 
  • Keep your ears open and your attention on your guide or whoever is helping you out there.

McCloy's final tid bit of advice is that if you find yourself skittish or panicky around water, don't worry, you're only bound to be out there for about five hours... So think and prepare wisely in advance. 

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