WATCH: Football, tango and street art - the passions of Argentina

2018-09-19 22:00
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In the above video, World Nomads' Gloria Atanmo discovers the historic passions of Argentina that spill onto the streets of Buenos Aires, including tango and vibrant art.

You can tell that you're passionate about something when your heart beats faster about it, when you get really excited when it wakes you up at night when you dream about it.

Travel, people, cultures can be incredibly exciting and nowhere else is this as palpable as it is in Buenos Aires.  

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Street art

People here love to express themselves and even walking around one can notice that form of self-expression in the street art that is all over the place. The street art around Buenos Aires is incredible, offering visitors a glimpse into the passions of the artists as evidenced by the art itself. 

Art can be very political and even a form of rebellion, and that is often the case in Buenos Aires. 

The La Boca neighbourhood is very iconic in the city and is very picturesque and beautiful. It is also a neighbourhood that has a lot of social conflicts and a very troubled history. There are murals that represent the period of dictatorship from 1976 to 1983 amongst many other politically-charged pieces of work. 

Argentina suffered many different forms of violence and perhaps the most well-known one was "the disappearances". It was a time when 30 000 people disappeared it is suspected due to their political beliefs. 

Through their artistic expression they remind people to never let oppression win. 

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The home of Messi and Maradona, football is another passion that's ignited in this city. It can almost be considered a religion in the country. Even before the footballing action starts, the streets fill with fans, supporters and revellers creating a visceral passion-infused energy.

Make sure you head to the streets leading to the stadium before a game to see and experience the real action and passion. You can't buy beer inside of the stadium so don't be surprised to see people buying drinks on the streets and finishing it on their way to the stadium.   


When you think of Buenos Aires your mind should immediately go to the tango. Head to the parks where you can tango with a partner for free and dance the night away or just have an impromptu tango lesson.  

Passion is definitely a running theme throughout the city and where it can be found the most is on the streets and in the hearts of the ordinary people that call Buenos Aires and Argentina home. 

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