WATCH: Amsterdam through the eyes of a local

2018-11-17 18:00
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Sebastian van der Sangen starts off the tour of his city on the back of one of the city's famous barge-style boats, cruising through the canals of Amsterdam. 

There are 165 canals in Amsterdam and in the inner-centre around 80 bridges, so one can say that Amsterdam is the Venice of the north. 

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The Skinny Bridge, a wooden bridge, is very special and it was built (according to local legends) because of two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the body of water that the bridge connects. Due to the fact that they did not want to have to walk a long distance to meet with each other, they built the skinny bridge so that they could get to each other faster and with less trouble. 

Back on terra firma, Sebastian says that what he really likes about Amsterdam is at that, on one hand, it's basically a village, with the heart of a village and on the other hand it is a true, metropolitan city with an amazing vibe.   

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One thing that Amsterdam is well known for - beyond coffee shops and the infamous red-light district - is bicycles. So when you're in Amsterdam, watch out for them because they have priority. A lesser-known fact about the Dutch people is their predisposition towards getting foods from vending machines because they don't always have time to sit around and wait for a full, cooked meal. 

Hop onto a ferry and check out one of the more recent additions to the city - the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam north. This part of town has become something of a cultural hotspot over the last couple of years.

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You can still feel the industrial history in this part of town and even see it sometimes as evidenced by an old crane that has been re-purposed as a hotel. This area is hipster central, clearly, there is an artistic and design element that flows throughout the spaces. They even have a restaurant made out of shipping container. In an industrial hall that was once used to build ships is nowadays used by artists and flea market vendors. 

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