This new Swedish hotel floats on water underneath Northern Lights

2020-02-10 20:45
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Floating in the arctic wilderness as the Northern Lights bounce around the night sky above - sounds like something out of a surreal dream.

But deep in the heart of the Swedish Lapland, a hotel has opened its doors that looks like it should only exist in a fairy tale book. 

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Arctic Bath is a wellness hotel and spa - but instead of brick and mortar, its foundation is less permanent on the environment. Most of their rooms float on the Lule River - free-floating in summer while frozen in place in winter. The suites are on land, surrounded by woods that invoke an aura of natural mystery.

Their main reception area also floats on the waters, designed to fit into nature with minimal impact. The designers took inspiration from the area's logging era when the river was a main transport route. Everything is connected to the river's shores via wooden walkways. 

Their luxurious spa and restaurant also float on the river - the menu is constantly changing with locally-sourced ingredients that make up their Scandinavian meals.

As for the spa, according to CNN Travel, the ice bath is its biggest draw - dipping into freezing temperatures with only a swimsuit between you and the chill. 

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The team behind the floating hotel is the same crew who brought the nearby Treehotel to life - famous for its otherworldly treehouse-stays that look like they come out of a sci-fi movie. 

But how much will this dream escape put you back?

A floating double room for two people full board is around R15 625 a night, while a massage at the spa is about R2 790. 

Gonna have to start saving now!

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