This cruise ship will be the first to touch all 7 continents

2020-01-15 20:45
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A round-the-world trip sounds like the ultimate lifetime experience - and some lucky passengers are living the dream on this insane cruise.

Silversea has launched a world cruise that will be the first in the world to make port in all seven continents.

It set sail on 6 January from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, US and will circumnavigate the world until it reaches its final destination on 25 May - the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

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On this 140-day journey, cruise ship Silver Whisper will visit 62 destinations in 32 countries, including three days sailing the Antarctic Peninsula. 

The Legend of Cruising 2020 will glide down the eastern coastline of Southern America, right down to Antarctica before going up again past Chile's coastline and making a sharp turn past Easter Island all the way to the Pacific islands, down the southern coast of Australia up to Asia.

From here it will pass through the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, up the western coast of Europe past the UK - until it finally reaches the Netherlands. 

It will barely touch Africa however, making only one stop - at Egypt's Safaga on the coast of the Red Sea.

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map of cruise itinerary

The itinerary. (Photo: Silversea)

Passengers onboard the luxury liner will have many bespoke experiences to try out on the cruise. 

Travellers can embark on a musical and culinary journey in San Juan hosted by an acclaimed artist; attend a private performance of a world-renowned folkloric ballet troupe in Salvador da Bahia; delve into the Polynesian culture with a celebrated anthropologist in Moorea; savour a four-course lunch, prepared by a celebrity chef, in Singapore; indulge in a candlelight dinner under the stars in the Red Sea desert; marvel at Caravaggio's masterpieces in Rome's churches and museums; and tour the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh with the last-serving admiral, among other special experiences.

But tickets for this cruise were not cheap. According to Travel and Leisure, tickets started at $62 000 (about R890 000 at R14.36/$), with the most expensive ticket for the Owner's Suite sold for $240 000 (about R3.4m).

If you've got that kind of cash and want to travel around the world, there will be two more cruises on the books for Silversea - the Finest World Tour and the Uncharted World Tour in 2021. They however will only do six continents. 

One can dream.

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cruise ship sailing next to sydney opera house

The Silver Whisper. (Photo: Silversea)

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