These destinations (not France) would make amazing future Rugby World Cup hosts

2019-10-25 04:50 - Gabi Zietsman
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The bars, the stadiums and the people are the ingredients for an incredible World Cup - besides the actual rugby players.

We all would love another Rugby World Cup in South Africa and relive the glory from 1995, but there are a few other countries that could also play host to an amazing World Cup like Japan. 

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And it's amazing PR for a country - placed in a spotlight watched by millions and millions of fans around the world, it can generate lots of future income for the tourism industry. According to World Cup in Numbers23% of foreign fans are from England, 15.6% Australia and 7.9% Ireland. South Africans make up 3.1% of the total visitors.

We dreamt up a few stunning destinations that could throw an amazing World Cup - even if their team is a little low in the rankings (we're still so sorry Namibia).

At least these places are less prone to a typhoon disrupting the games.

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Out of all the countries that were in the running for the 2023 bid, Ireland should have been the top pick outside of South Africa - Guinness flowing through the streets, traditional pubs filled to the brim with spectators and the general revelry that the Irish are known for - and it's visa-free for South Africans!

On home soil they might even forgive the Japanese for kicking them out in the quarter-finals.

Host city: Of course it would be Dublin, the literary heart of Irish culture where everything in the city centre is an easy walking distance - perfect for pub crawling.

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The Netherlands

While the national team isn't high in the rankings, out of all the nationalities attending Japan's World Cup the Netherlands is in tenth place, just behind South Africans according to Rugby World Cup in Numbers. They can swop out most of their football stadiums to be suitable for rugby, and seeing as everything is so flat it would make a perfect training ground for the players.

Host city: The National Rugby Centre is situated in Amsterdam, but Rotterdam would be a better fit to hold the crowds with their De Kuip stadium and stroll through amazing modern architecture on your way to a match.

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Hear me out - you know that every Namibian will be attending all the games, and for us South Africans it's just a quick hop across the border to hopefully see our Bokke apologise for this year's thrashing. German beer mixed in with some oshiWambo spirit could turn it into a party that would rival the Irish.

We'd only hope they pull a Qatar and build stadiums with air-conditioning.

Host city: Namibia only has one city - Windhoek - where you can buy cheap meat for braais and haggle your way through curio stalls where they would fully embrace the World Cup theme. Just bring some extra water with.

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Like us, Argentinians also love their meat and a good braai, so we'll feel right at home among the valleys and vineyards of this South American country. They've clawed their way into one of the top-ranking teams in the world, and deserve a little love despite their terrible loss at this year's World Cup.

Also the exchange rate is very favourable to South Africans.

Host city: Buenos Aires has two major stadiums, where you can explore the colourful streets of La Boca and pop into a steakhouse to drown your sorrows if your team lost.

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The sun, the food, the wine - mix rugby into the equation and you'll be guaranteed a World Cup experience that will make your pants a lot tighter - in a happy way. It will also give them a chance to host games in cities and towns outside of the congested tourism cities, showing there's more to do than take a gondola ride down the canals of Venice.

Host city: Watch players dominate in the shadow of The Alps in Turin at their giant Juventus stadium, or indulge in some cultural pleasure at the plethora of museums for when your heart needs a break from all the action.

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With all their American football obsessions, rugby is actually quite a major sport in the US and they've got the infrastructure to pull off a well-oiled World Cup. 

Although their strict visa policies could become a major headache.

Host city: The massive 61 500-capacity NFL stadium that doubles as a rugby stadium is Soldier Field in Chicago - and the city itself has so much on offer from the Millennium Park to its iconic skyline.

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Like the US, Canada also has the money to host a streamlined World Cup - if you can tear the Canadians away from their obsession with ice hockey. Mountainous landscapes and the friendliest people in the world, you know the locals would help break up bar fights before they even begin.

As long as the World Cup takes place in summer.

Host city: Toronto is the way to go, nestled next to Lake Ontario as the iconic CN Tower watches over the matches played at the heart of Canadian rugby - the BMO Field.

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The national Malaysia team has never played in the World Cup - but they are trying very hard to qualify. While a wild card, the country actually has one of the most registered rugby players in the world (13th) and is part of the growing love for the game in Asia. 

When your team is giving you too much stress, you can just go relax on a beach or centre yourself at a Hindu temple.

Host city: The country's first stadium will be built in Putrajaya, a city south of Kuala Lumpur known for its unique domed mosques and architecture.

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