Thailand, New Zealand, Colombia and more top honeymoon destinations for 2019

2019-01-07 14:00 - Marisa Crous
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Island life. Sitting back on a beach chair with a cocktail in hand may no longer be a couple's idea of the ultimate honeymoon.

According to the Trekksoft Travel Trends Report 2019, couples are now more inclined to opt for adventure-filled itineraries for their honeymoon as supposed to the traditional island holiday getaway. “Honeymoons are becoming more experience driven, giving couples the chance to do and see something they never have before on this trip-of-a-lifetime,” says Harmony Walton, Founder of The Bridal Bar and host of Bridal Bar Radio.

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The main reason for the change? Social media. We are, now more than ever, exposed to the world in all it's magnificent glory. We scroll through a bevy of exotic places on a daily basis on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, platforms which allow our minds to wonder. Then we ponder, contemplate and budget how we'll go about coping the lives of others.

It all seems so accessible and possible that have become more open to adventures, exploring and discovering new and wonderful places around the globe.

And the hottest continent for honeymooners right now, is South America. The report predicts that Cartagena, Colombia will be one of the hottest destination (and affordable too) in 2019.  For example a 2 litre Coca-Cola will cost you about R16 and a loaf of bread is about R10. Not too bad. 

Plus this is one of the safest places in the country and offers couples beautiful beaches, outdoor cafes and a colourful and vibrant historic town to get lost in. 

Other destinations for 2019 include Thailand, New Zealand and more South American hot spots like Peru for the foodie scene. 

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As a result of this need for adventure honeymoons, more luxury tour companies offering travellers a completely unique tour experiences like safaris and their own brand of ice-capades in Iceland.

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