'Selfie seats' on Lion's Head? SA among top 10 countries with most selfie-related deaths

2019-02-07 15:00
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Selfies and travel these days are virtually synonymous thanks to the advent of social media. Travellers are increasingly looking for that perfect spot to capture themselves in a popular or noteworthy locations and landmarks sometimes going to great, dangerous lengths to do so. 

Many people have died in the process of trying to get the perfect selfie, with South Africa even being in the top 10 countries with the most selfie-related deaths. Whether falling from a height or drowning, selfie-related deaths are always tragic. 

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However, according to Lonely PlanetJim Daly, an Irish politician and the Minister for Mental Health and Older People has a nifty plan. Daly introduced a new proposal to install “selfie seats” at popular tourist destinations around Ireland. He submitted his proposal to the Irish National Tourism Development Authority, Failte Ireland

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Daly has suggested that if a specific seat or stand were to be put in place at various points of interest, it may help prevent any tragic accidents and deaths in future. Moreover, these seats could become an attractive and “innovative marketing tool” that could highlight and bring attention to popular destinations and lesser known but equally interesting and attractive selfie-friendly locations.  

Could this become a feature on our very own Lion's Head or Table Mountain? Only time will tell. 

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