North Korea's attempts at wooing Japanese tourists is hilarious

2017-09-12 12:31 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Feel like taking a trip to North Korea? If you're Japanese, this tour agency has got you covered.

JS Tours, which appears to be a North Korean travel agency, has a Twitter account that will make you both laugh and cry, depending on how you look at it. It's been active since 2015 and we are amazed that we only discovered this now.

Though it's unclear whether the account is a joke or not - and it looks very real - the tour company is trying its hardest to appeal to Japanese tourists, posting all tweets in Japanese. 

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The photos are almost surreal, but convincingly looks like it's from North Korea, a country where tourists have been detained and even died at the hands of the government. USA in the end has banned their citizens from travelling to this paradise.

In contrast to the news stories that circulate around the isolated country, JS Tours posts photos of fireworks, beer, carnival rides and even a soccer match from North Korea's very own soccer league. 

It's especially unnerving considering the tensions in the region sparked by North Korea's consistent missile tests, which are in close proximity to Japan.

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Perhaps these tweets will make you consider North Korea for your next holiday destination.

Also we'd like to apologise to any Japanese readers for the Google translate phrases below.

Firstly, JS Tours would like to reiterate that "Korea is a safe country." About as safe as a lion's den.

Don't think bumper cars have ever looked this much fun.

Granted their firework shows look spectacular. Probably had a lot practice with the missile tests.

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Speaking of missiles, they clearly think Japan is into stamp collecting.

Their Communist Youth League looks very excited to be there.

There's a surprising amount of beer posts. This one translates to, "Daedong Jiang (Tedongan) Beer's black student. It's delicious, this is it!"

This laser light show with the missile is peak North Korea.

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Their biggest drawcard for Japanese tourists? They have their very own Dragon Ball Z. It's either called Boys Shogun or Boy General, online translation services are conflicted.

There's so much more ... best is to dive into the Twitter account yourself and discover the glory of North Korea.

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