Introverted? These are the top 5 countries for you to visit

2019-01-28 12:30
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One person's "amazing" is another person's "nightmare". 

Where the extrovert may relish the opportunity to enjoy an activity-filled itinerary, engaging with locals and fellow travellers, the introvert may prefer to do smaller activities at their own leisure. 

Introversion and extroversion are inborn traits, and the difference between them is much more complex than the shy and outgoing binary perception many people understand the traits to be. A simple way, however, to think of introversion is that while extroverts are energised by interacting with the outside world, introverts are actually drained by interaction with others. 

In this regard, all destinations are not equal. By keeping in mind your personality type and choosing the perfect destination, you can be sure, as an introverted traveller, that you will have a great time on your next journey.

According to a recent Lonely Planet report, has analysed its global data to pinpoint the  best destinations for introverts.

The metrics to determine the selection included "size of population, the number of small B&Bs or guesthouses, the number of parks and the cost of a meal when dining on your own". 

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With a country as huge as Russia, travellers can expect an incredible amount of diversity in landscapes, cultures and activities. Straddling Europe and Asia, Russia is a rich, unique country that exhibits the confluence of continental influences in its architecture, culture, foods and beyond. It's size, obviously, offers a near endless expanse, with a low population-density throughout much of its territory lending itself perfectly to exploration by the introvert.  

Two young people hiking in mountain lake scenery.(Photo: iStock)

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The third largest country in the world, much like Russia is a vast, sparsely populated nation with a rich cultural, natural and urban offering for travellers. Unlike Russia which is not known for its welcoming population, the Canadian are world-renowned for their politeness and friendliness which could make your time here as an introvert even better. 

Two young people hiking in mountain lake scenery.(Photo: iStock)

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Home to successive generations of legendary football icons, the tango, great steak and wines, snowbound mountains in the south and lush, subtropical waterfalls in the north - Argentina is a curious cocktail of European influences in South America. It is abundantly blessed with great natural wonders that the introvert is sure to love exploring and experiencing. 

Two young people hiking in mountain lake scenery.(Photo: iStock)

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From the red sands of the outback reminiscent of Mars to the multi-chromatic reefs along the coast, it is a story of contrast and extremes. These wild areas are offset by incredibly modern, cosmopolitan and well-developed cities where as much as 89% of the population resides. Whether you prefer being an introvert, face buried in literature in a coffee shop or out in a national park - Australia has it all. 

Two young people hiking in mountain lake scenery.(Photo: iStock)

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Wildly beautiful with its towering forests and crystalline lakes, Finland is one of the world's most magnificent destinations. It is also one of the top 5 destinations in the world for introverts thanks, in no small part due, to its rich endowment of national parks. 

Two young people hiking in mountain lake scenery.(Photo: iStock)

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