INFOGRAPHIC | This is the biggest running country in the world

2020-03-12 06:45
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Looking for the best country to train for your marathon dreams?

The folks over at Reebok analysed running data from around the world to determine the world's fitness hotspots. 

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Each country was measured against a series of metrics including the number of track & trail events, the number of marathons, the average marathon time in every country, the number of gyms per 10km squared in each country’s most populated city, and the number of Olympic medals gained in athletic and endurance events.

The best running country for amateur athletes is Switzerland, where the average marathon time is 3 hours, 49 minutes and 13 seconds and has 16.4 city gym density per 10 square kilometres, with the most in its capital Zurich. 

It also hosts four marathons for every million people.

The country is followed by Portugal and France, with the latter offering 141 track and trail events per million people.

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But if you're a professional, the best marathon rates can be found in the UK, with 24 endurance medal winners and 13 all-time medals per million people. Male runners hit two hours, five minutes and 11 seconds on average, while female runners run an average of about 10 minutes and 13 seconds more.

Britain is followed by the US, Norway, Germany and France, while Switzerland only comes in sixth place. 

How do you think South Africa compares?

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See the infographics of the data below:

infographic on running cities

(Supplied: Reebok)