Hello Kitty continues travel takeover with new pink-themed bullet train in Japan

2018-03-20 08:30
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Hello Kitty. (Photo: YouTube)

Tokyo - Hello Kitty has already found its way onto bus and aircraft services - and is now set to make its debut on Japan's iconic bullet train.

West Japan Railway will launch "Hello Kitty Shinkansen" services on its bullet train line connecting Osaka and Fukuoka later this year, the company said this week. 

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In collaboration with Hello Kitty creator Sanrio, the exterior of the bullet train will be decorated with images of the character and its trademark red ribbon, said the rail company, known as JR West.

The interior of one train car will have full Hello Kitty decorations, the company said, adding: "It will be decorated snappily and adorably."

Another car will have no passenger seats but instead feature sales of regional specialities, including a selection of goods and foods, in a bid to boost the local economy and tourism.

Sanrio has already collaborated with a sightseeing bus operator and an airplane company to launch a double-decker "Hello Kitty bus" and a "Hello Kitty jet."

Hello Kitty, Japan's global icon of cute, was introduced in 1974 and is now one of the country's most famous exports - adorning everything from pencil cases to pyjamas.

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How the train is expected to look:

Other Hello Kitty inspired transport:

Talk about taking think pink to heart. Is there any mode of transport safe from the boisterous pink ribbon bow of Ms Kitty?

Hello Kitty Plane:

As the new international ambassador for travel, it's only fitting that Hello Kitty has an entire plane and airline under her name and branding.

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And of course, even matching toilet paper.

Not to forget the ever-chic matching check-in section.

Hello Kitty Bus:

Of course, we need the fuss of a Hello Kitty themed bus. Single level or double-decker, sprinkle some H.K pink to make it lekker. 

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Hello Kitty Cafe:

Sounds just a smidge too sweet for the reviving and morbid nature of morning coffee. But, whether you like a sit-in situation or are an on-the-go type, fret not, because there's an option for either - even if you hoped for neither.

You can either check out this building:

Or this Hello Kitty Cafe truck:

Hello Kitty Hotel:

Because what's the sense in travelling in true Hello Kitty fashion only to have to sleep in a regular monochrome five-star accommodation? Well, to put your worries at ease - Hello Kitty has got you covered, in mostly pink, at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo.

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And don't even stress - the bathroom is also themed to ensure that all your Hello Kitty needs are catered for.

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