Forget island hopping - climate hopping is the hottest (and coldest) new travel trend to try

2019-01-09 10:28 - Marisa Crous
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From skiing on Monday to basking in the warm sun on the Friday - could extreme temperature travel be for you?

Sure, many travel to escape their current weather situation. South Africans save up and jet to Europe or some warmer islands like Zanzibar during June and July, while Germans love a bit of Cape Town or Greece during their snowed-under winter months.  

But what about going from one to another extreme temperature when visiting a single destination? 

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Travel and Leisure calls it 'fire and ice' travel. 

(And we're not talking about a stay at the Protea Fire & Ice). 

You start in one climate and end in the polar opposite. That's right, from SPF to snowshoes.  

And with more and more travellers interested in adventure and experience-based trips according to Trekksoft Travel Trends Report 2019, this is a way for travellers to choose completely wild and wonderful destinations they might have never considered.

Here are a few climate chop-and-changers: 

Argentina and Chile

Head to Argentina's resort city of Mar Del Plata or to the beautiful beaches of Buenos Aires for sunbathing and swimming, or opt for Chile's Atacama Desert or its coastline of Coquimbo for dry and hot summer days lounging on its well-known long and soft sandy beaches.

Then head south for a spot of skiing in Patagonia.



You might not necessarily up your glow on this trip, or completely go from extreme hot in terms of climate to extreme cold, but you won't have to wear ten layers of clothing at all times as chilling in a hot spring in your bathing suit is a definite option.

Then, after you've reached prune-status, put on your warmest faux fur-lined booties and coat back on and go ice caving. 

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New Zealand

Ideal for those who love both snowboarding and long-boarding, shift between summer and winter adventure sports in a single trip as you can go surfing in Manu Bay and then strap on your skis for a winter wonderland experience in Cardrona.


A fantastic hot and cold destination, this state is home to both snow-capped mountains and deserts. Head to Big Bear Mountain for the cold and then defrost your limbs on Santa Monica's beaches. 

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