Euro-tripping: Travel Squad Wanted

2018-03-07 19:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Image: Busabout

Cape Town - Have you ever wanted to spend three months soaking up the weak European sun in niche cafes but never had a spare R80 000 to do so?

Or, perhaps you wanted to get your social media feed looking so #cultured and #aesthetic and be the envy of all of your followers, but never had the time? No need to fret, my pet, Busabout wants you!

Busabout, that specialises in flexible travel, is looking for a team of four talented travel addicts to Snap, vlog, blog or Insta their way across Europe this summer for an all-expenses paid adventure worth over R80 000! 

This opportunity is for pros and novices alike. If you're great at capturing the perfect angle to make a picture pop, or a master at inducing FOMO in a 10 second clip, there's a spot on the squad for you.

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Selection requirements:

Members of the Busabout Ultimate Travel Squad (UTS) will be selected based on their talent for creating content in their chosen realm of social media. They are looking for one Instagrammer, one blogger, a vlogger and a Snapchatter or Instagram Stories creator. You can even enter as an existing group if this sounds like you and your best mates.

Image: Busabout

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The trip includes:

The chosen four of the UTS will explore Europe on Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off private door-to-door coach network over three months - from early June to early September 2018.

According to Busabout's release, each member can expect to experience an unforgettable adventure worth over R80 000, which includes:

  • an Unlimited Hop-on Hop-off Pass,
  • accommodation,
  • spending money - plus a bonus fee at the end of the trip,
  • and return flights from South Africa will be included on top of this.
Image: Busabout

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What the lucky four can expect to explore:

The itinerary will tick off some of Europe's trendiest hot spots. The lucky four can gear up to see iconic sites like, Lake Bled, Krakow and San Sebastián.

The trip will also venture off-the-beaten track to hidden gems like the hikers' paradise of Grünau in Austria, and adrenaline junkie haven of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Plus, the squad's epic three-month adventure will culminate with a week sailing in the teal waters of Croatia. 

See the travel route below: 

Image: Busabout

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How to apply:

To apply for a spot on the squad, all you need to do is select your preferred social platform (Instagram, Snapchat/Instagram Stories, YouTube or Blogspot) and record a 60 second video showcasing why you're the only person for the position. Applicants should spice up their entries as extra points will be awarded for creativity!

If you wish to apply as a duo, or a group of three or four, can submit a video together, ensuring to select a different social platform for each person. Videos can be submitted on the Busabout website here and entries are open until mid-April 2018.

Image: Busabout

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Last year, Busabout was on the hunt for two travel addicts, a Brand Ambassador and Video Producer, to fill two positions advertised as the Best Job in the World. This summer, Busabout promises an opportunity that is bigger and better than ever as they are doubling the number of places available by creating a whole squad of hungry content creators.  

Think you've got what it takes? Read more about how to apply for your spot on the Eurotrip squad over here and visit Busabout's website for more information.

Image: Busabout