Don't call me Holland: The Netherlands has final say on country name

2020-01-09 08:45
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The world has always used 'Holland' and 'The Netherlands' interchangeably for many decades - but now Holland has officially been scrapped.

From this month the Dutch government has formally claimed 'The Netherlands' as the official - and only name - of the country to be used. 

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Holland originally actually only referred to two out of 12 provinces in the country - not the whole place. 

According to Matador Network, this forms part of a campaign to update the country's image and come up with a more sustainable way to manage tourism, specifically in the overburdened Amsterdam.

They will also get a new country logo with their iconic orange tulip - this time losing the name Holland as was on the previous logo.

The tourism brand wants to ensure that they represent the whole country by dropping the incorrect moniker. It will also help directing tourists to other parts outside of the overcrowded hot spots and lessen the impact of overtourism.

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