Destination unknown: Why more and more people are paying to travel to surprise locations

2019-01-08 06:30 - Marisa Crous
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Wanderlust? Dreaming of travel? 

If you are someone who lusts after visiting new places and having unique adventures, then this new trend of travelling might just be for you. 

'Destination unknown' or 'blindfolded' travelling is only for those who would literally go anywhere at the drop of a... plane ticket. 

Ghana, Istanbul, Sri Lanka, the Philippines? Yes, yes, yes and yes! 

The recently published Trekksoft Travel Trends Report 2019 says that more and more millennials are foregoing the planning phase of trips, rather choosing to be surprised and to dive in head, nose and whole body first as they just want to travel, no matter the destination. 

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And the travel booking site, does it all for you. All you need to do is select your holiday criteria, like how long and what kind of accommodation you prefer, whether you want to go inside or outside Europe, etc. and it will spit out a price tariff of what your trip will cost per day.

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Then after uploading your personal and payment details you'll be booked to a ‘destination unknown!’

Eeeeeek, scary! But exciting. 

It even works a bit like a game as you'll receive one clue before departing. The site says "One week prior to your departure you will receive the first and only clue about your destination: a weather forecast. With this in mind it will become far easier to decide what to pack and what to leave home."

Interestingly, the report notes that this isn't a budget way of travelling. Mid to high-income earners opt for this way to travel, as says, “People book with us mostly for the surprise, but also because of how easy it is. People don’t have to arrange things themselves and can just let us do the work.” 

Personalised travel experiences, like foodie adventures in Sri Lanka and unique desert excursions in Dubai or Morocco, are becoming more and more popular with travellers seeking alternative adventures, moving away from so-called mainstream hubs and tourist sites. 

Thrill-seekers unite!

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