Crêpes in Paris and Pasteis de nata in Lisbon! Here are the world’s best destinations for foodies

2019-03-20 19:00
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Gelato in Rome, fresh seafood in Sardinia and crêpes in Paris!

Yes, we all dream about foodie adventures around the world. My personal favourite is eating Greek Salad in Greece, and no they don't just call it 'Salad' there.

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The feta, the olives, the capers and the juicy tomatoes all just work so perfectly together. It's a simple, but very valuable gastronomic adventure your palette must experience when in Greece.

But where are some of the best foodie destinations around the world? 

New research from Globehunters recently analysed over 50 countries on gourmet factors such as number of restaurants in that city, the average rating of these eateries, the percentage of fine dining restaurants in the area, amount of vegan/vegetarian restaurants available for inclusivity, and more to reveal the best foodie spots for 2019. 

Top 5 cities for foodies: 

1. Paris, France  - we are not surprised!

2. Tokyo, Japan - Ramen, baby!

3. Barcelona, Spain - Paella, seafood and more.

4. Lisbon, Portugal - those Pasteis de nata.

5. London, UK - more to offer than just fish and chips.

Top 5 cities with the most restaurants on La Liste - the world's best restaurants guide:

1. Tokyo, Japan - 93

2. New York City, US - 33

3. Paris, France - 28

4. Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 22

5. London, UK - 21 

Top 5 cities with the highest average restaurant ratings: 

1. Florence, Italy 

2. Rome, Italy 

3. Paris, France 

4. Vienna, Austria 

5. Madrid, Spain 

For more of this foodie guide, go here. 

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