10 of the dreamiest international travel photos ever featured on Traveller24

2020-03-31 04:45
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"Don't worry about the world ending today, it's already tomorrow in Australia." - Charles M. Schulz 

In uncertain times, all we can do is dream. Dream of a better tomorrow and future, for all of us. Let's all dream via the wonderful photos we've featured of destinations far and wide. 

Here are 10 of the dreamiest snaps ever featured on our site: 

1. Belém Tower by Gabi Zietsman

"This is a walking city - so wear your most comfortable shoes, load up on water and sunscreen and get a appetising taste of a city steeped in history." 

belem tower in lisboa  

2. Singapore Sling by Selene Brophy 

"Singapore is fascinating. And overwhelming. But mostly it’s exhilarating." 

 There is no rock and a hard place for Singapore- t 

3. Mauritius waters by Francis Gersbach 

So clear, so warm, so full of life.

4. A magical dive in the Maldives by Shalini Tewari 

"Pushed along by a slight current, we meet the local sea life, which includes oriental sweetlips, white tip reef sharks, morays, playful clown fish, phantom bannerfish, and healthy, colourful coral."

 Maldives, Maldives diving, liveaboard, diving 

5. North Saudi Arabia’s Wadi Al Disah at sunset by Kyle Mijlof

“It’s not just all sand dunes." 

6. Waiting to embark by Marisa Crous

"From embarking as strangers to disembarking as friends, doing it any other way now seems completely ludicrous."

7. Mauritian regatta by Gabi Zietsman

"In the azure bays of Mahebourg, an explosion of colour zigzags across its gleaming surface as fishermen and boat enthusiasts prepare for a Mauritian regatta."   

8. Pilgrimage by Selene Brophy

"The many routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela. Route del Norte takes on an ethereal and calming experience just outside the Galician town of Mondoñedo." 

9. The men of Balat by Marisa Crous

"Istanbul is never-ending."

10. Mozambique ruins by Gabi Zietsman

"...a broken wall among the greenery of a tropical forest piqued my interest..."

abandoned hotel and palm trees