#WaterwiseXmas: Potential jail time for those flouting water restrictions

2017-12-14 06:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Everyone knows that the the Mother is going through a tough time, and the City of Cape Town warns that people who flout water restrictions might face jail time. 

The City, under a Water Amendment by-law as amended in 2015, urges members of the public to comment on the draft which hopes to further enhance Cape Town’s ability to become a more water-sensitive and resilient city in the future.

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The official proposed by-law introduces the threat of imprisonment‚ tackles borehole use and unauthorised plumbers‚ makes swimming pool covers mandatory and allows citizens to blow the whistle on owners who use too much water.

"A person who fails to comply with water restrictions is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine or upon conviction to a period of imprisonment not exceeding six months," reads the draft. 

A member of the mayoral committee, Xanthea Limberg, says the amendments attempt to address the City’s emphasis on proactive governance to better adapt to the 'New Normal', which recognises the city's position in a water-scarce region.

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"This is in alignment with the City’s commitment to prioritising resource efficiency and security which forms part of the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan," says Limberg, adding that the changes were aimed at making Cape Town “thrive despite intense drought episodes”.

"It also sets out the roles and responsibilities of water users to ensure that we all take responsibility for conservation-based water management practices," adds Limberg. 

The measures were set on Tuesday, 12 December, and are open for public comment until January 8. Members of the public may view the proposed by-law at sub-council offices or click here.

A #WaterwiseXmas for visitors to the Mother City

As the drought continues to impact Cape Town and the province at large, Traveller24 co-hosted a #WaterwiseXmas Twitter chat with World Wide Fund (WWF) South Africa, asking social media users how will they make sure visiting tourists save water 'like a local' during the festive season. 

With the summer holidays already in full swing, Cape Town is expecting two million more international tourists in the upcoming peak season.

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From a cute poem for #WatershedWednesday to a Bloemfontein hotel offering water to guests on their way to the drought-stricken city, as well as Siemens AirDrop's '100% guilt-free Jozi water' initiative, tourism stakeholders and role-players, as well as local residents alike, are doing their best to make sure that visitors to the Mother City have a memorable festive season, despite difficult times. 

See how social media users plan to make sure visiting tourists help out in these difficult times.

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