#WaterCrisis UPDATE: Watertight strategies for Cape events, Pool damage headaches uncovered, WP club rugby postponed

2018-02-12 06:30
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Cape Town - Drought-stricken Cape Town experienced some much needed rainfall on Friday night, 09 February, and Twitter was abuzz with memes, photos and videos depicting the showers across the city. Click here to see what was shared.

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The rain was short-lived however, as the weekend proved to be quite warm and dry across the Mother City. And while minimal rainfall has been predicted for Monday, 12 February, the situation is still dire as Level 6b restrictions remain in place with Day Zero still set for 11 May.

See the latest weather report here: Weather Update: Fire danger warning in west, widespread showers expected across SA

These are some of the latest water crisis stories you may have missed and need to know about - be sure to stay informed and save water.

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1. This whole family of 4 + their 3 pets only use 49 Litres of water for the day! Here’s how…

Locals and visitors alike are doing their best to save water and stem the impending Day Zero now set for 11 May.

In Tanja Spykerman’s household, using less than 50 litres of water per person per day – as required by Cape Town’s Level 6b water restrictions – is a breeze!

Also click here for tips on the easiest ways to make groundwater safe to drink, keeping in mind the biggest threat is the various invisible microbes such as bacteria, viruses and protozoans that can cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

2. WP club rugby postponed due to Cape drought

WP Rugby has reportedly made the decision to postpone club rugby in the province until June due to the ongoing drought in the Western Cape.

The Western Province club rugby season normally starts in April and a tentative date of June 1 has been pencilled in for the 2018 season to start - provided it rains of course.

3. #CapeWaterCrisis: 7 Upcoming events and their watertight strategies to avoid water wastage

Event organisers around the Cape have been working on watertight strategies to avoid water wastage at their large and smaller scale events. Click here to find out more about 6 of the most anticipated local events and their water saving plan of action that has been set out.

NB: Submit your #WaterCrisis ideas, handy hints and tip-offs here

4. #CapeWaterCrisis: Pool damage headaches uncovered

The heat of summer is sinking the city’s dam levels along with the swimming pools of hotels and residents alike. What are the long-term implications though? Click here to find out.

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