#WaterCrisis UPDATE: 'Day Zero' pushed to May, Sanitation risks, How to flush your toilet after 'Day Zero'

2018-02-06 06:30
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Cape Town - Day Zero may have been extended to May, but the #CapeWaterCrisis remains a reality for Capetonians.

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These are some of the latest water crisis stories you may have missed - be sure to stay informed and save water. 

1. #DayZero pushed to May but Capetonians urged to continue saving water

Day Zero is expected to move out to mid-May 2018 due to a decline in agricultural usage, deputy mayor Ian Neilson says, while urging Capetonians to continue reducing consumption to avoid Day Zero.

"There has not been any significant decline in urban usage. All Capetonians must therefore continue to use no more than 50 litres per person per day to help stretch our dwindling supplies," says Neilson.

2. #CapeWaterCrisis: How will I flush my toilet after 'Day Zero'? 

'Day Zero' toilet flushing tips and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. These appear to be the easiest ways to use recycled water to flush your toilet, keeping in mind your daily limit. 

NB: Submit your #WaterCrisis ideas, handy hints and tip-offs here

3. Cape Town warns of sanitation risks ahead of #DayZero

The City of Cape Town's health department has emphasised the importance of washing hands and food with clean water as people skimp on water use to push #DayZero even further.

November to May is "Diarrhoea Season" when the city is usually on high alert for waterborne and communicable diseases such as cholerafood poisoningtyphoidhepatitis A and listeria, said Azevedo. "The point is to be on top of it, to take early steps," says Virginia De Azevedo, a manager in the City of Cape Town's health department.

Click here for tips on the easiest ways to make groundwater safe to drink, keeping in mind the biggest threat is the various invisible microbes such as bacteria, viruses and protozoans that can cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

4. #CapeWaterCrisis: 10 Good things to note about this drought

Beyond the clamour around who’s to blame, conflicting scenario descriptions of day zero and its predicted date, individual and community responses and helpful tips to the drought, now officially the worst on record without historical precedent, has done us all some good.

5. #CapeWaterCrisis: Water to 'stay on for commercial centres', exact locations yet to be released

Peter Flower, Director of Water and Sanitation in Cape Town, says that with respect to business protection zones and not cutting off the water supply to the CBD, the intention is to try to keep water flowing not only to Cape Town’s CBD, but “all commercial centres in Cape Town supplied with water”.

However, the areas that will continue to have water after ‘Day Zero’ are still unknown and Flower says authorities “will make that information known in due course”.

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