WATCH | Two giant sea lions lounging on yacht end up sinking it

2020-01-08 04:45
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Steller sea lions apparently don't play around when it comes to pirating people's boats.

In Olympia, Washington, Josh Phillips was enjoying a spot of fly fishing when he came upon a yacht that appeared to have a little problem - two giant sea lions were sunning themselves on their stolen craft, clearly unbothered by the strain the small boat was taking under their weight. 

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Boats and.... #sealions

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Steller lions roam the northern Pacific and while the average weight for males is 544kg, they can weigh up to over a thousand kilogrammes - and these two look like winners for the heavyweight category.

Phillips went back later to see how the yacht was faring - but it seems the two animals were just too much for it and sent it to a watery grave.

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According to Popular Mechanics, Steller sea lions use land - in this case a boat - to escape predators and to regulate their body temperature by catching some rays through incredible biology.

The owner of the boat, however, was probably less impressed with these pirates' tanning session - although one commentator has wondered if this wasn't part of some elaborate insurance scam.

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Compiled by Gabi Zietsman

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