WATCH | This 45 million red crab migration is all kinds of creepy and fascinating

2019-10-17 06:09
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From wildebeests to the Monarch butterfly, massive animal migrations are impressive and a popular bucket list sight to see.

But one migration you may not have heard of is Christmas Island's red crabs - 45 million of them scurry to love nests while billions of ants with 'crazy' in their name try their best to stop them.

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Sensitive to not impede them on their journey, the island has several bridges and tunnels so that they don't become red smears on highways.

The migration normally takes place in October or November, and lasts between nine and 18 days, so if you want to tick it off your list you'll have to plan very well.

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How to get to Christmas Island

Near the island of Indonesia's Java, Christmas Island is an Australian territory, so you'll need the same visa as the mainland.

You can opt to fly either from Perth with Virgin Australia, from Jakarta with Garuda or from Kuala Lumpur with Malindo Air. Flights don't take place every day so plan accordingly, and it's advised to add in time for delays.

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