WATCH: The GOT Mother of Dragons appeal you have to see

2017-09-06 18:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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HBO via AP

(HBO via AP)

Cape Town - Still recovering from losing Viserion, one of Daenerys Targaryen dragon babies? WWF feels your pain.

In a clever campaign, WWF Indonesia reached out to Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in a video on Instagram, giving their condolences to the loss of her 'child' and inviting the Mother of Dragons to join in their fight to protect the world's last 'real' dragons - the Komodo Dragon.

Although there are roughly 6 000 Komodo dragons left in the world, there is a severe lack of fertile females, with only 350 breeding pairs left, making them extremely vulnerable to extinction.

They can only be found on a few islands in Indonesia, and have fallen prey to habitat destruction, sport hunting and lack of food, which have contributed to their dwindling numbers.

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In their Instagram post, WWF Indonesia laments the loss of the fictional dragon, and asks Khaleesi to fight for their real dragons.

"[Emilia Clarke] We call out to you, Dragon Mother, from this land where Dragons have lived for millions of years. We too mourn your loss. As the loss of a child is pain that hollows the soul. A pain that we know well. For our dragons too are dying."

"Only 5000 Komodo Dragons survive today. Don’t let us lose more children. We ask you to journey to the land of Komodo to fight for these rare creatures like only you can."

"Come, save the last living Dragons on Earth. #MotherOfRealDragons."

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Clarke has not yet responded to the call, though she might be taking a social media break after the insane season finale of the hit show, and possibly the emotional trauma of seeing Viserion coming back zombie-style and breaking down The Wall, as well as our hearts. But while you're trying to cope with your GOT withdrawals, you can share awareness for these majestic beasts with the WWF hashtag #MotherOfRealDragons.

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