WATCH: Meteorite enters atmosphere just off SA West Coast

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Cape Town – One of the rarest sightings is a meteor entering earth’s atmosphere, but the European Space Agency managed to capture a fallen star as it entered just over the Atlantic Ocean and the West Coast of SA on 5 November 2017.

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli of the Italian Space Agency VITA mission captured the footage while aboard the International Space station. The minute and a half video showcases earth from above as the Space Station flew over the Southernmost Atlantic Ocean and Kazakhstan.

The clouds appear as plateaus of flat candy floss as the video captures an intense lightning storm as well as the space marvel of a meteor shooting into earth's atmosphere.  

To the laymen, the meteor may not have been spotted but thanks to space scientist we are able to see a short glimpse of it. Pay close attention to the video as you might miss the tiny blip that appears in the left corner of your screen between 007 and 008 seconds of the clip.