WATCH: Has Victoria Falls really dried up?

2019-12-09 14:45
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Normally photos of the Zambezi River thundering down Victoria Falls are awe-inspiring, but according to international reports the majestic waterfall has been reduced to a trickle due to drought - but is this not just seasonal change?

While the waterfall is overflowing during the rainy summer months, in winter the dry season incredibly reduces the waterfall, with November being the driest of them all according to  Wild Horizons. In December when the summer rains start again the falls will return their former glory.

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While a drought has gripped Southern Africa, which might have had a more visible effect on the Zambezi this time of year, many do not believe the situation is as dire as publications like The Guardian has reported. 

In a video contrasting the state of the waterfall today to when Victoria Falls was at its fullest, a local vendor said that this dry season has been the longest he's ever experienced. The Guardian also reported that there's also been power cuts in both Zimbabwe and Zambia who depend on hydropower generated from the river downstream.

It's especially been linked to climate change debates currently taking place across the world, as most of the world is demanding action from their leaders in the face of 'impending doom'.

However, some have hit back at the reporting, sharing their own images and restating that the falls normally look like this before the rainy season, some using the hashtag #VicFallsIsNotdry.

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According to the Zambezi River Authority, the flow at Victoria Falls from 26 November to 2 December increased, closing on a flow of 227 cubic metres per second, which was 220 on the same date last year. 

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