WATCH | From squirting squid to shrimp smoothies - this is what's on the menu at Two Oceans Aquarium

2020-02-14 04:45 - Gabi Zietsman
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Ever wondered what the diet of the marine animals at the aquarium is like?

While it might put you off seafood for a while, take a glimpse into the world behind the tanks and the fish of the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.

It takes a lot of hard work to look after these beautiful animals of the deep, including dealing with exploding squid eyeballs to make their food.

The volunteers, interns and staff start their day way before the aquarium opens, and has to ensure all the residents are happy and well-fed - just like a hotel!

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rockhopper penguins being fed fish at aquarium

Feeding time for rockhopper penguins. (Photo; Gabi Zietsman)

Become a Volunteer

If this video makes you want to get into marine conservation, you can apply to be a volunteer at the aquarium. 

They periodically open up applications for their Volunteer Courses to Grade 10s to 12s and adults throughout the year. Right now applications are closed, but you can sign up to their newsletter to find out when their next round of applications opens again.

High school learners can sign up for free for the FET Young Biologist Volunteer Course, while adults will pay a R100 registration fee. 

If you're successful, you'll spend four days learning theory to help with volunteering work, levelling up your skills as a presenter at the Touch Pool & Microscope. 

After the course, learners can opt to become a full volunteer at the aquarium during the school holidays.

If you have a commercial diving license, you can also apply to be a volunteer diver!

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Here's what you need to know:

  • Youth volunteers at the Aquarium are expected to maintain a minimum level of volunteer activity to keep their active status - three shifts of 4.5 hours during each school holiday period as a minimum.
  • Adult volunteers will be required to volunteer at least 45 hours as a front-of-house volunteer before being allowed to assist in other roles too.
  • Besides front-of-house, other volunteering options include behind-the-scenes volunteering, education volunteering, penguin team volunteering and conservation volunteering.
  • To apply, please complete this application form. If you have any queries please email or call 021 814 4555 for more information.
  • For more information and dates of applications, check out their website. 

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diving in two oceans aquarium ocean exhibit

School visit to the I&J Ocean Exhibit during feeding time. (Photo: Gabi Zietsman)

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