WATCH: Chomp-chomp! Hippo attacks and bites car!

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Cape Town - Most people would agree that nothing beats that Friday feeling, but for 26-year-old Welding Inspector, Wikus Ceronie, it certainly turned out to be a black Friday indeed.

Brace yourself as you prepare to watch this simply thrilling footage: hippo vs steel…captured on Friday 25 November, 06:48am.

Wikus told, “This is my first time ever working in Mozambique and I was on a jolly journey back home to South Africa.

"I was crossing the border from Kruger National Park when I noticed a hippo on the bridge. There were people walking around in the nearby vicinity so I automatically assumed this hippo was used to humans. I was quite fascinated by this so I took out my phone to start filming. Suddenly the hippo turned and just started charging… I braced myself as I realized he wasn’t going to stop."

"He hit the bakkie head on and then tried biting it. I guess after that he decided he had won because he just turned around and left. This was terrifying for me because I realized I had nowhere to go and no time to do it in. Beside me was a 50m drop so had he hit me on the side I have no doubt the car would have rolled down the embankme