WATCH: Adorable gay penguin couple adopts an abandoned egg - fulfilling parenthood dream

2019-08-16 16:30
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It seems like humans are not the only ones that struggle with fertility issues, after an evident desire to have a baby these two penguins have a shot at parenthood thanks to the staff at Berlin Zoo.

The two king penguins, Skipper and Ping have captivated Berlin and the world at large. The pair have a history of trying to hatch stones and sometimes even their food. After a female king penguin with a history of not hatching her previous eggs laid an egg, staff thought it would be a great idea to gift it to the couple since they were already in the habit of trying to hatch fish and other objects.

Skipper and Ping arrived at the zoo in April and have since become inseperable, their devotion to each other makes it easy to believe that they will give their baby penguin a warm and loving home.

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The Berlin birds are not the first gay couple to capture the eyes of the world or even have a baby. Could this be just the beginning of many more adoption stories for other gay couples in the animal kingdom?

Two Oceans Aquarium welcomes a new penguin

As Berlin Zoo awaits the arrival of a baby penguin Two Oceans aquarium in Cape Town has welcomed a new rock hopper penguin into their family. 

Sevearl king penguins have made their way onto a r

                                                                     (Photo: iStock)

Stranded on the Eastern Cape Coast the tiny penguin was found by members of the community near East London with no certainty of where it came from or what it had been through. It initially underwent rehabilitation at East London Aquarium after it was stabilised it was flown to Cape Town where the bird could be with its kind at the penguin colony at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The little rockhopper spent a month in quarantine and at the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and its Intensive Care Unit. SANCCOB helped treat the penguin's bone infection and now he is in perfect shape.

In order for the rockhopper to be properly welcomed into the family it needed a name and after asking the public he can now formally be introduced to you as EL, named after East London, this little rocky has truly found a home with the largest colony of northern rockhopper penguins in South Africa.

EL has already made a few friends, it is safe to say that life is good for the rescued bird.

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penguins, rescue, two oceans, travel
                                                                         (Photo: Supplied)

penguins, rescue, two oceans, travel

                                                                           (Photo: Supplied)

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